4* Rating Awarded by South Tyneside Council

License Number: 000007667

Is your dog left alone at home all day? Does your dog have too much energy? Do you struggle with your dog’s training?

As a qualified veterinary nurse, dog trainer and canine behaviourist with over 10 years experience, Tim Jackson, Director of Pets2impress perfectly understands that all dogs have different physical and emotional needs.

Whether your pooch is big and bouncy, old and sleepy, or shy and just wants cuddles, at our state of the art Daycare Centre we will ensure your beloved dog gets all of the T.L.C. and attention they both desire and need.

The structure of your dog’s day will depend on whether they would prefer to snuggle up with one of our lovely day care assistants or bounce around in the arena with their furry friends, digging up treasure in the sand pit, running through the tunnels or playing with their toys.

Because we like to run our Daycare as close to a nursery setting as possible, we do follow a daily schedule as closely as we can. A typical day includes:

  • 2 group training sessions
  • 1 1-1 training session
  • 2 group brain / scent games
  • 2 short walks
  • Brush through (5 minutes)
  • 2 top to tail examinations
  • Controlled play time
  • Calms and cuddles

Pets2impress was awarded ‘Daycare of the Year’ by Lux Magazine in both 2018 and 2019, which was celebrated by a full refurb of our South Shields Daycare Centre.

We now offer Adventure Daycare Packages to further enhance the experiences your dog gets from our Daycare Centre. Here are some additional benefits the Adventure Daycare Packages will offer:

  • Improved obedience, with the ability to follow instructions
  • An great opportunity for your dog to make use of their natural senses with the use of brain games and scent work
  • An increase in awareness, alertness and a sharpening of the dog’s mind
  • Better health and fitness for your dog
  • An increase in self – esteem for nervous and anxious dogs
  • Increased trust and confidence
  • A great outlet for working, high energy and active breeds.

The Adventure Daycare Package will be available to book on Tuesdays and Thursdays from October 2019 and will include

  • 2 x group training sessions
  • 2 x group brain / scent games
  • 1 x 1 hour adventure walk with natural agility and scent trails
  • 1 x 1-1 training session on adventure walk to include lead training / recall
  • 1 x 1-1 training with the daycare centre to work on basic commands
  • Brush through (15 minutes)
  • 2 x top to tail examinations
  • Controlled play time
  • Natural treats only for training sessions

To ensure we create the perfect balance of play time and valuable naps, each dog is individually assessed prior to their stay at the centre. This also helps us to find other dogs in the centre which we believe will be your dog’s forever friend. To book your free assessment please call 0191 4541317 or 07869502299 or email us at

We are open Monday – Friday from 7:30am until 6pm. Any collections after this time will incur a late collection charge of £10 every 15 minutes.


***Please Note*** – To be eligible for Daycare, your dog must be up to date with his/her vaccinations and also neutered if over the age of 6 months.

Download our assessment form here (Word Document).


Doggy Daycare – Full Day (7:30am – 6Pm)

Adventure Daycare (Tuesday and Thursday)

£24 (£22 if you book your dog into daycare at least once per week for 2 or more consecutive weeks)

£30 (£28 if you book your dog into daycare at least once per week for 2 or more consecutive weeks)

Doggy Daycare – Half Day (4 hours) £18 (£16 if you book your dog into daycare at least once per week for 2 or more consecutive weeks)
Additional dogs from same household