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Welcome to puppy school

Believe it or not your pup has it in them to be well-behaved, calm and easy to care for. Most owners struggle with their new addition to the family and even if you have had a dog in the past it is easy to forget how difficult those initial puppy months can be.

Maybe you already have an adorable, sweet puppy and you want to start them off the right paw in life. No matter your reasons you have come to the right place.
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South Shields number 1 Puppy School

Our puppy training classes run every Wednesday evening and Thursday evening between 6 – 7pm. We primarily fill spaces on a Wednesday class to begin with before offering spaces on our Thursday classes.

We have a limit to 6 puppies per class. The classes and are ran by a qualified trainer under the supervision of our canine behaviourist Tim Jackson RVNBCCSDip.Fda. All of our trainers at Pets2impress only demonstrate and teach positive based methods of training.

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Walkers guide

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What our 6 week course looks like

  • A Learn to earn programme
  • The essential basics
  • Lead training
  • Recall training inc whistle training
  • The perfect sit/stay
  • How to read dog body language
  • Dog Health
  • Dog Law
  • Building confidence and independence
  • And much more

We also spend a lot of time during the class concentrating on socialising the puppies with other people and other puppies in a controlled and safe environment.

At the end of the 6 week course, you will not only have had lots of fun training your puppy, but you will also walk away with a happier and more well rounded dog.

Pawfect packages for your puppy

On completion of the course you will also receive a certificate of attendance and a training booklet for you to take home to continue the lessons learnt from Puppy School.

Spaces are limited per course so booking in advance is advisable. Puppy School runs on a 6 week course and there is also an option to enrol onto our advanced class. The advanced class is a 4 week course that runs on a Tuesday 6pm-7pm. This option is only available for puppies that have completed the 6 week training course.

We have three Pawfect packages available for your puppy so call South Tyneside’s No.1 Puppy Training specialist today and together we can make your puppy calmer, more confident and set them off on the right paw.

All of our courses are aimed at building confidence, increasing puppies’ attention and to ensure your puppy grows up to become a happy and well balanced adult.

Puppy School - £150
(£30 deposit must be paid prior to the session) Book
  • 6 classes
  • Facebook Q & A to answer any problems that may arise
  • Ongoing support throughout the course from our qualified trainer
  • Training Guide
  • Certificate of attendance
Puppy School Plus – £210
(£30 deposit must be paid prior to the session) Book
  • Includes Puppy School and
  • Enrolment onto our 4 week advanced course (Tuesday 6pm-7pm).
Puppy Pawfection – £285
(£30 deposit must be paid prior to the session) Book
  • Includes Puppy School and Puppy School Plus and
  • A 1 hour private 1:1 session at your home address to work on lead training and recall.
1-1 Puppy Training course – £350
  • Free telephone consultation
  • 3 sessions, each session lasting approximately 1 hour.
  • Access to online support material
  • Training handouts
  • The sessions will be tailor made to you and your puppy’s needs
  • Expert advice available at all times
  • Training session with a qualified canine trainer