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Below are some testimonials from our many happy customers, click here to leave your testimonial.


Thank you Tim for looking after our oldies (one dog and two cats) while we were away last week. We know how much Cassie adores you and loved seeing the photos of her at Disney week at daycare! As Molly is a diabetic and very nervous it’s good to know that she in the care of someone who can visit twice a day and is able to give her insulin and understands her funny little ways! It’s good to have a holiday and not worry about our babies. Thanks again, Ellen and Ray.

Ellen Armstrong

I loved Puppy School

Tim and the girls are very knowledgeable, they give easy to follow instructions, good tips in a fun environment. It has given me the confidence to continue with the training as I can see Lizzy improving week on week. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Paula Graham

Great service

Great instructions given during puppy classes. Clear direction and a fun environment. Welcomed the suggestion of also coming to stay and play which has really benefited Bronte. I have loved seeing her come out of her shell and be confident in class. Thank you so much.

Kate Henderson

1-1 training and behaviour

We were at breaking point with Odin our Bull Terrier puppy and was seriously considering rehoming him. He has anxiety problems and would not go for walks to burn off his energy and was using this energy in a negative way. We booked the training package and it has been the best thing we have ever done, with all the help and guidance given on the training sessions and the homework set each time Odin is now a much happier dog and enjoying his walks. Tim is definitely Odins best friend. We now have all the guidance to continue with his training and ease his anxiety, Odin is no longer an anxious puppy, he is now a happy loving boy looking forward to his next walk. I would highly recommend this training package .

Lorraine Tinling


I have just got in from an hour’s walk with Toby, our reactive border terrier and wanted to share with you what a different experience it was to this time last year, before our one-to-one training with Tim
We came across 10 other dogs in the course of the walk. With one understandable exception (a dog that came out of nowhere hidden behind his owner’s bike wheel), as we approached a dog Toby looked up to me each time to tell me he had seen it, got his little reward, then went past each and every one without a murmur! That earned him a higher value treat.
He does still bark at some other dogs but he’s on a clear upward curve. It won’t sound much to others perhaps, but in this strange time with lockdowns, it was just a lovely walk with him.
Thanks once again.

Stan Godfrey

Well recommended

Week one of our 6 week training course was for humans only and it was a great foundation to the course and it set the scene for the rest of the sessions. We have used all of the material taught to us and Monte and sometimes we feel dead clever as he is doing so well. Pets2impress were very supportive and flexible. Willing to go off topic when we had questions and give the benefit of their experience. They checked up on us mid-way through the course and even accommodated us into another time tabled course and allowing us to catch up personally when we missed a week. We will definitely be using the services in the future and have already recommended you to other owners.

Paul Harbertson

Puppy School is brilliant

We have recently completed the Puppy School Plus course with Lady. The classes were brilliant, they were just the right size as enough puppies to mix and not too many to be overwhelming. Lady was very anxious on the first lesson but by the end of the course she was much more confident. New skills are explained clearly with demonstration and support in practicing. All staff were very approachable, friendly and helpful. They were all very encouraging and if something wasnt working they were quick to offer support/correction without making you feel judged. I would definitely recommend to anyone considering puppy training classes.

Emma Corbett

1:1 behaviour course

Having just had our last session with Tim, I would not hesitate to recommend Pets2Impress. At the start of the course I had a very nervous, anxious and reactive dog, 5 sessions later Jess and I are both more confident and relaxed when out and about.

Tim took the time to learn about Jess and was very supportive to me. Jess is my first dog and I was worried her behaviour was as a result of something I was doing wrong.

Jess’s training is still a work in progress but I now have the tools to continue working with her. Both Jess and I are in a much happier place😊

Diane Burn

Thank you Tim

Hi Tim,

I’m just dropping you a line to say THANK YOU!!!! I spoke to you a couple of months ago because my dog Ferris had developed a noise phobia which was beginning to generalise to all kinds of areas of normal life. Since our chat I have ditched his food bowl (although my husband sometimes cheats…) and he has a selection of toys, snuffle mats, kongs (and the odd cardboard box filled with empty recyclables) which he gets his dinner in. Our walks are much the same but are peppered with mini training sessions along the way, and we have dedicated play times during the day too. He’s now totally happy to stay in the kitchen when I’m cooking – the sizzles and pops no longer stress him out at all. He’s happy to go past and even wait outside everywhere in the village he used to avoid, and we’re working on more desensitisation to the fly zappers sound which is his main trigger although I think this is going to be slow progress I do now think it can be overcome.

In short, I’m amazed by how much difference this has made. I never thought of Ferris as being particularly stressed, but refocusing him on positives has just changed his approach to life.

I’ll be in touch in the future if we have any hiccups along the way and will be pointing people in your direction too.

Thanks again!

Clare (& Ferris)

Clare Wallace

Support and Advice

I have a pack of three dogs and one of them was being aggressive with another. Tim has been on the end of the telephone for me to raise my concerns and help reassure us. After a trip to the vets on advice by Tim the said dog had an injury and so fingers crossed we are able to prevent any future incidents. We are monitoring the situation and Tim will be my only point of contact for any future needs.

Toni & John

Marthas very own fun factory

Its coming up for a year since Martha started attending day care and all I can say it she absolutely loves it,( I know because she told me so) she comes home knackered after a full day of fun and activity and you can tell she has had a blast with her mates, dropping this normally well behaved dog off she nearly pulls you over to get in the door, ( a good sign in my book) As well as the fun she has it has been a huge benefit towards her training and obedience as even when down the beach she does not chase/run/ away with every dog she sees and I strongly feel that is through the enhanced interaction of day care and it being the norm to be around other dogs, well done Tim and Team, keep up the good work and keep putting a smile on my puppy girls face.

Alan Lindsay

Pets2impress can deliver results!

Due to the pandemic I enrolled onto puppy school at at a time no face to face classes were going ahead and I was concerned by pup would fall behind however Pets2impress delivered their course online. The service was great, I loved the idea that I got to keep the zoom classes to refer back too. I loved learning everything but in particular the trick training. It was fun which is always helpful with play time. Thanks for everything.

Julia Leaney

What an amazing service

Although we all know this is not what we signed up for but with local restrictions due to lock downs we all had to make the best out of a bad situation and Pets2impress did not let us down! I have personally found the Zoom calls so much more useful and have gotten so much more out of the way it has been delivered than I believe I would have gotten in a face to face setting. Having the recordings to refer back to have been invaluable in the sense the whole family can get involved and rewatch the lessons to really take in what is being said. I have also been able to go back over the lessons and mark my puppys progress against the instructions provided by Lauren.

Laurens commitment to each of her clients progress is second to none, her knowledge of multiple techniques is invaluable and promotes each dog is different and 1 style does not necessarily fit all. I am fortunate in the sense I have a highly intelligent pup who has a specific service job we are training her towards and being able to receive feedback on the progress she is making in a low/medium distraction setting and what we can tweak for her to get what she needs from us is tribute to Laurens ability to read the animal and look at the next steps. Under Laurens instruction I have been able to progress our puppy far beyond our expectations at this stage of puppy school and really get her to focus and switch on when in training time.

If I could make any recommendations in the future for your business is that you maintain this delivery of the puppy school to some degree, whether it be 50% zoom, 50% in person for the socialization aspect of the puppies or more via zoom etc, from personal experience I feel your clients would get so much more out of your services.

Jay Winthorp

Thank you to Tim and Lauren

A big thank you to Tim and Lauren for all of your help with Sooty’s training, she’s a completely different dog now and so much more confident. I’m looking forward to taking her for days out now in the car without her being sick. Thanks again

Lynn Stark

Excellent behaviour training

Lauren and Tim have worked hard with good humour and patience to train my husband and me. Our dog got the hang of things pretty quickly and responded to Lauren from day one, we took rather longer! We are experienced dog owners but our new dog has a very different personality and we now have a much greater understanding of why he behaves as he does plus we now have the tools to manage his behaviour. Just have to work hard and not let the training slip. Thank you so much Tim and Lauren.

Catherine Wood

We left our 1 year

We left our 1 year old chihuahua Hugo with Terri for his first pet sit yesterday. We were quiet nervous about leaving him for the first time but Terri totally put us at ease. She sent me pictures of Hugo which we loved and she let me know throughout the day how he was doing, which was great. Hugo loved spending time with Terri and we will definitely be booking again. Thank you for everything Terri.

Kerrie H

Far exceeded expectation

We don’t use Pets2impress out of necessity –we do so out of choice. The decision to get a puppy was made long before there was any mention of a virus never mind the ensuing pandemic. We collected her end of Jan 2019 & after all vaccinations she joined Small & fluffy sessions Stay & Play at Pets2Impress (literally puppy playgroup). She absolutely loved the interaction but unfortunately after a few weeks we went in lockdown.
After the lockdown ended, we joined a socially distanced puppy training class, mainly, again to allow her to have a little puppy interaction and the training was very good indeed. Trainer was fully experienced and made the sessions interactive and fun and the development of the puppies was a pleasure to witness. We reattended Stay & play sessions immediately when they were allowed to start again. We also completed the 1-2-1 training Agility package, where it became apparent our girl was a natural and began attending the weekly agility sessions too. These provide excellent stimulation and builds upon the bonds already in place, plus she comes home tired and content.
Not only do the dogs enjoy the sessions but the owners do too, it’s a chance to meet up on regular basis and I have made a lot of friends through doggy playgroup, especially as I wasn’t going too far after the lockdown, the sessions became my social outings and I looked forward to attending.
When a second lockdown looked likely I decided to try the day-care facility so at least she would continue to see her ‘friends’. My expectations were exceeded by far! There is a structure to the day I didn’t expect, and I decided immediately to join the membership scheme as a Gold member and utilise the benefits offered. Now as day-care member she goes on school trips, super adventures, has her own time in the scent space, has term-time school photos and receives school reports! They have events for the dogs, (Christmas parties, visits from Santa, Halloween parties, Valentines doggy weddings to name a few). Our dog truly has a better social life than we do!
The biggest plus for me is the staff – they are very welcoming, friendly and wonderful with the dogs. All the dogs vie for their attention and lots of cuddles are given.
I cannot recommend the services of Pets2impress highly enough, yes, they are supervised and safe whilst there as all day-care facilities offer but the physical health and mental stimulation, they ensure each dog receives is second to none. If like me, you don’t like the idea of day-care please let your dog have a try, they’ll not only love it, which is the aim, but it means a night off for you as they come back so content, they will sleep for the rest of the evening, unless there’s snacks on the go!

Margaret Owens

Would highlyvrecommend

We have been using pets2impress since its inception. Tim taught our boys to walk on a lead, recall and how to behave as family pets. They’ve stayed with Tim when we have gone on holiday and loved it. They are walked during the day by Shannon and I cannot recommend their services enough. Very flexible if you have to make a last minute change and always happy to help if they can.You’ve tried the rest… now try the best 👌

Lesley Elliott-Burn

Loved the classes

We really enjoyed the Puppy School classes and we have seen how much they have helped Mabel come out of her shell. Thank you very much.

Jane Atkinson

Puppy School

We have enjoyed the classes and my son has loved the training at home. He particularly enjoyed the recall lessons and I think Apollo enjoyed the playtime the most. Thank you.

Cara Patterson

Baileys mam here. I just

Baileys mam here. I just wanted to pass on something really positive for you. I took bailey to the vet yesterday to get her assessed to be spayed.

It was the same vet who recommended you months ago. She said ‘ I can’t believe it’s the same dog’
She was over the moon, as I was with the improvement in Baileys confidence and behaviour. She was still hesitant to go into the examination room but was left alone with the vet and was fine. Two days earlier I anxiously left her at the grooming salon and She really coped well there. I just had to share this with you both and it’s all thanks to you both.

Ros Hall

We are a gold member

Tilly has been attending Pets2impress for almost 5 years and has been cared for so well during that time in all the services we’ve used – daycare, agility, pet sitting, training classes and grooming. Even though she doesn’t attend daycare everyday, financially it made sense to join. Tilly loves the school trips and adventure days and always has so much fun. The savings and the other benefits of the membership will be appreciated by both of us.

Great service

We have used the services of Tim and the girls at Pets2impress for a while now. They love Elvis as if he was their own. This is why we decided to choose the Gold membership package – it is extremely good value given the additional included activities which are beneficial for Elvis’s health, fitness and confidence.

Fantastic service

This is my second time booking in for Puppy School and I wouldn’t think twice about using it again. So useful and great fun for both puppies and humans

Charlotte Charlton

Thank you

I loved the Puppy School and loved that my puppy got the chance to play and socialise with other pups in a safe environment with the Lauren’s knowledge of what is playful behaviour and what is not

Abbie Britton

Great Puppy School

I loved the puppy school. The course helped build lots of confidence in me and Pablo. Thank you

Sarah Mullen

First class service

Excellent service. Trainer very knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly and showed us how to do training. Very fun sessions with very happy puppies and owners. Very highly recommended

Cheryl Murray

Thanks Tim

Thanks Tim. Learned a lot and will keep it up with Buddy.

John Brady

Highly recommend

Thanks for all your help during lockdown.

Training Maverick is a work in progress, we are learning a lot along with Maverick. All your ideas and techniques have been very useful and we will continue to use them. Life during lockdown with Maverick has be a lot easier, we’ve had fun and I think you have saved us a lot of stress.

We are happy to recommend you.

Tracie and Stephen Cook

You have changed our lives

Thank you so much for all the advice and tips we definitely have a better behaved pooch but still some training to be continued.

To think just over a month ago Dave and I were tearing our hair out with a pup who ruled the roost and life was not enjoyable for any of us including Lara.

You have changed our lives and since being introduced to you, at a web seminar by Katie (dogwood), the combination of training with yourself and scentventure with dogwood we have a relaxed puppy who is so happy and we are all enjoying being a family!

I honestly can’t thank you enough and I have already spread the word of Pets2impress to a couple of friends who are thinking of getting a dog.

We will continue our training and advice and keep you updated! Thank you again for all of us, we are finally a family!

Take care,
Charlotte Dave and Lara.

Charlotte Watson

Thank you Tim

We have loved this course on so much and already we can see improvements in Olly which we didn’t know could happen

Meaghan Gemmell

Loved Puppy School and Puppy School Plus

Absolutely brilliant. Really enjoy the classes and the socialisation aspect. Thanks so much

Geraldine Kilgour

Great service

A lot of information given during Puppy School and Puppy School Plus, a lot of interaction in class and the sessions were great. Huge results with Darcey. Thank you

Lauren Gracie

Great Puppy classes

Provided a good service and our pup Louis loves coming here. His enjoyment of the course and learning new things has been the best!

Estelle Garrity

Adventure Days and Scent Space

We are the lucky owners of two beautiful golden retrievers, but they need a lot of stimulus and are very high energy. Both Dixie and Freddie absolutely love their adventure days, as can be witnessed in the fabulous photos that get shared on every adventure. As for the scent space, they absolutely love using their noses and sniffing out the treats that are in there. Dixie especially likes the scent space because she is a typical greedy golden retriever, but even Freddie who is not so greedy loves it because he just loves to be nosy and find things. All in all, my dogs come back to me exhausted and most important of all, very, very happy after a day at day care. If you are thinking about daycare for your dog I would look no further than Pets2Impress and if you want something extra to bring a smile to their face then the adventures and the scent room are absolutely brilliant. Thanks Tim, you’ve been looking after our various dogs for nearly 10 years now and I wouldn’t trust anybody else with them.

Joan Paterson

Tim helped us during lockdown

Having the resources from Tim at Pets2impress available through the lockdown have been invaluable. The changes and help provided has kept our puppy active, stimulated and happy! In a massive change to normal routine my worry was that Cobie would suffer and loose her confidence that she had gained but instead she has learnt so much and we have the knowledge to keep things going after this is over

Amy McFalus

I loved the online courses!

I have absolutely loved taking part in the online course. I love my time spent with Paddy learning him new tricks etc and this course has opened up a whole new load of ideas that I can use and implement on our day to day activity that didn’t even cross my mind. I thought it was going to be a rea struggle for him during this isolation period with the lack of exercise and stimulation that he is used to on a daily basis. He is used to a good 2/3 walks per day as well as 2 – 3 full days at Pets2impress daycare so naturally I thought he would be bored during lockdown and bouncing off the walls with energy. During this course his tail has never stopped wagging and I’ve found that he is just as tired at night during this time as he was after a busy day on the go a day. Thank you Tim for everything you have done

Sam Heley

My partner and I adopted

My partner and I adopted a dog from Europe. All was well until 3 months later when he started to show some signs of aggression towards dogs and men. We contacted Tim for an assesment and booked on for training. We did everything Tim suggested and now our dog can be around other dogs (even daycare) and people. He is not perfect but we have all learnt the tools and techniques needed to recognise when our dog is in a situation he is not comfortable with and able to use the training commands to get him out of it which means no aggression! Thank you Tim. Mr S Scott

Mr S Scott

We bought two puppies and

We bought two puppies and found it extremely difficult to do anything with them, we needed help. We got in touch with Tim At pets2impress, who came and did an assessment. He told us they had fear aggression and put our minds at ease knowing that there was something we could do to help them. We then had lessons with Lauren who taught me exactly what to do, which gave me the confidence to give them the help and training they needed. Without Tim’s and Lauren’s help I could not have coped. I can’t recommend them enough.

Mr and Mrs Selby

I have a 1yr old

I have a 1yr old red cocker and was having alot of problems with his behaviour- my fault as I totally spoilt him from day 1. Tim from Pets2impress was recommended by my dog groomer. I rang and booked a telephone consultation. I felt at ease as soon as I spoke to him. He was so lovely and made me feel positive from the start. He came out for a visit and I loved his modern methods’ after our consultation Tim said he was appointing Lauren to do our 1-1 training. I was a little apprehensive as I hadn’t met her and she hadn’t met us or our dog. A week later Lauren turned up. She was absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgeable about our situation and what we needed to achieve. Her training method were great. Felt comfortable with her from day 1. She definitely knows what she’s doing! We got out of the program everything we needed. It’s up to us now to keep putting in the work we learnt. After week one with Lauren we saw an improvement in our dogs behaviour. I would definitely recommend Tim, Lauren & Pets2impress. I am going to continue by signing up to one of the fantastic services Pets2impress offers. 1 very happy doggy mammy 😊🐶

Sara white

Fantastic service

We booked Lauren for some additional training for our lovable and over-friendly labrador, she gave us lots if tips and pointers to move forward. She also followed up with texts and calls to see how we were getting on with everything even though the training was complete, which we thought was fantastic and hugely appreciated, Lauren introduced us to Terri who agreed to take our pooch out for a couple of walks a week, she keeps us updated with progress and sends us photos, this is a fantastic service and would certainly recommend to anyone

Lisa sarson

It’s like leaving your pet with family

I have 2 lovely Jack chi fur babies (1 healthy female aged 4 and 1 male aged 9 with a few serious health conditions).

In 2016 I spent a lot of time researching kennels as I was going on holiday and family were unable to help that week. It was extremely expensive but I was ok with that as expected cost would equate to quality.

Upon my return both Monroe and Marilyn had lost weight, both would shake every time I would get their harnesses ready for their walk (they love their walks). It took some time before they returned to normal. Both of them were previously friendly and confident with other dogs when out but after their stay they were scared and would often want to be picked up.

I decided to leave them only with family and friends after that experience.

Unfortunately our family had a bereavement and we all needed to go to Southampton. I was terrified about how to manage the trip for my dogs, even going so far as to see if I could find a pet friendly hotel down there.

Searching online led me to Pets2Impress, I loved the option of being able to let them stay at home but also have them looked after.

I was nervous, sceptical even but was encouraged when Tim said he’d like to visit first, discuss what might be needed and meet them with no obligation. No other company I’d looked at offered this.

Tim is knowledgeable and it’s immediately apparent he loves animals and they love him. He understood my worry and I felt reassured they would be safe and well cared for. I didn’t anticipate the extra mile they go. My dogs were given love and attention, cuddles and reassurance. They were happy and content when I returned.

I’ve used them numerous times, they both greet him with such enthusiasm and excitement. Nothing is too much and they provide a very individual and tailored care package.

If they are unavailable to look after my fur babies I rearrange plans for when they can.

You will not find anyone better equipped or better quality.

Anna Millington

Training Testimonial

Our 3 y/o Westie wasn’t responding well to our new Shih Tzu puppy. We’d expected jealousy etc but he was really fearful and became aggressive, withdrawn and generally seemed depressed. He’d stopped playing with us and we were getting to the point of revoking our puppy. Tim came out and spent some time with us and our Westie…….of course it was us who got the training lol! Tin was brilliant, gave an honest assessment of our situation and changes we could make immediately as well as training exercises we could do with the dogs. After perseverance and practice we now have 2 happy dogs and the confidence to continue with the work. I can definitely recommend Tim.
Thanks so much for our happier life.

Vicki Kenyon

Peace of mind

Our gorgeous old fella Toby Collie has been looked after by Pets 2 Impress for quite a while now. He really enjoys his walks with Lisa and Shannon and they have been so lovely and patient with him its so reassuring to know he is being taken care of. As an anxious chap he worries about grooming but the staff have been very patient with him and he always comes back more handsome than ever. Thank you so much

Michaela and Steve O'Doherty

Massive Thanks!!!!

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Tim for looking after our moggies so well at the weekend. Really appreciate everything and for doing the menial washing bowls jobs too!! Thanks for leaving the note too letting us know how they’d been. Will definitely call on you again if we get the chance to go away! We had the best weekend!
Helen, Justin and the 😺😼😾xxx

Helen Wright

Fantastic Service

Arranged for our character of a cocker spaniel ‘Olly’ to be looked after for a weekend. First class service from Tim and the Team at Pets to Impress, special thanks to Karen who looked after him,pleased to hear he got a good report and will be welcome again!

Lisa Parkin

Great Job

Thanks so much for looking after Socks, taking in mail, clearing up etc. A really first class service.

Peter Fairhurst

Andy Robinson

Tim, we just wanted to say a great big thank you for the marvelous job you have done with Rea. When we saw her this morning we couldn’t believe the difference in her, she looks like half the dog we used to have:-) ​We are well impressed​ with what you have done and have already recommended you to a friend of ours who is looking for a similar service for her dog.

Andy Robinson

Mr Grant

We really enjoyed the puppy parties at Dragon vets. It was good that my wife and I could both attend as we understand some other companies only allow one person at classes. We especially enjoyed meeting other puppies and their owners. Tim was very good taking the classes and was very approachable. He gave us helpful advice with a problem we had with our puppy and we would recommend Tim to anyone. We are looking forward to the follow on 6 week training classes with Lisa and Annette. Many thanks to Tim

Mr Grant

Mrs N Innes

Really enjoyed puppy class with Arna. Got some really good advice from Tim. He’s brilliant “Thank you Tim” would use him again if needed.

Mrs N Innes

Satisfied client

We really enjoyed the puppy classes everyone is really friendly and the classes ticked all of the boxes that we were after.

Satisfied client


Excellent class myself and Darcy learnt so much. THANK YOU


Mr/Mrs Reatt

Daisy loves the puppy class and when she sees where shes coming she gets so hyper which is nice to see. Myself and Kris have learnt a lot of dog information that we needed to know. Happy clients

Mr/Mrs Reatt

Ann Dunkerley

Colin and I have really enjoyed the classes. Great opportunity to meet and socialize with other dogs. I have the knowledge and confidence to continue with Colin’s training in the future. Very enjoyable all round.

Ann Dunkerley

Mrs Chisholm

I was a bit apprehensive at first, I was going on holiday and was leaving my two beautiful kittens (one of which is known to have occasional seizures). However I was soon put at ease, Tim was fantastic! Not only did he visit the house and get to know my babies he also answered all my questions and left me feeling secure. He also sent pictures of my kittens enjoying their time and answered my texts whilst I was on holiday!! Can’t thank or recommend him and his team enough!! X

Mrs Chisholm

Lee brown

I have a male dog called Storm, who is a Newfoundland cross bullmastiff and has a anxiety issue. He got to the point where he is very fearful of strangers and would growl and bark to scare them off. After several weeks training with Tim and him bringing various people along to the house, Storm has now started to relax and is nowhere near as bad as he was. I will continue to use pets2impress with Storm as I can’t believe the results they are having with Storm, I am over the moon and I can now actually start to relax. If your thinking of using these guys then it’s money well spent. Lee oh and Storm

Lee brown

Barbara Kennedy

Many thanks Tim, for an excellent service. We were worried how Toffee and Smudge would react as this was there first time staying at home and being looked after, but they were much more relaxed when we got home to any cattery stay. Loved being able to get text updates so we knew how they were doing or a quick call if needed. Nothing was too much trouble even twice daily medication for them both! Simply the best

Barbara Kennedy

Dawn McVay

Hi Tim (Pet sitting service) Just like to say a big thank you to (Keith & Glynis ) for their excellent care, love & attention to detail given to my french bulldog Millie. As we know she is a cheeky mischievous girl at times, for the sleepless nights they endured poor Keith on the sofa they both deserve a medal. Already booked my next pet sitting in December having used kennels in the past, I would recommend this excellent home from home professional service without hesitation. (Keith & Glynis a big asset !)

Dawn McVay


thanks once again tim for excellent care of lilly. pick up and drop off while we were at work and lilly thoroughly enjoyed her daily stay and walks so much better than boarding your pet in kennels at holiday times ,excellent friendly service .


Kerry Hitchcock

Pets to impress are fantastic!! The people That own and run it totally love dogs .. My little Marley moo goes to ‘school’ there once a week which he loves 😀Most recently he stayed with Tim Jackson while I was on holiday and I must say the service was fantastic 😀I am the type of dog owner that is so stressed leaving him… To the point where I don’t want to go away!! However I found tim who I trusted instantly… The service from start to finish s fantastic ( obviously he is used to dealing with stressed out dog owners like me) but it was a breath of fresh air when him and his family welcomed marlz into their home with such friendliness as well as total proffessionalsim.. I had updates when ever I asked and it really made a difference to my holiday .. I would definitely recommend the whole services provided by pets to impress and am so happy to have found people we can trust with our little marlster thank you

Kerry Hitchcock

Ann, Gary and Megan Brown

Hi. Just wanted to say thanks for another great year. Tim has pet set our small and furry guinea pigs for a few years now with a minimum of at least twice a year. Nothing is to much dispite my possibly over zealous notes which I leave everytime. Don’t know what we would do without you. Excellent service highly recommend xx from the Brown family and all our guinea pigs

Ann, Gary and Megan Brown

Will goldburn

We have used the dog sitting, dog training, and we continue to use the dog walking service, can’t thank tim and his staff enough, our boys are always well looked after and fully recommend pets2impress for all your pets needs ..

Will goldburn

ingrid and graham wright

Thanks once again for looking after little legs lily she always comes back happy .

ingrid and graham wright

Michelle Spencer

Rosie our ten month old Bichon attended puppy training at Pets2impress with Lisa-fantastic, positive experience for us and Rosie. When it came to holiday time we had no hesitation in booking Rosie to stay with Tim for two weeks. We did have a little cloud of guilt leaving her but the love care and attention she received was obvious on our return. Everyone at Pets2impress have your pet as a priority, such a positive experience for Rosie we are now going to book her into daycare one day a week so she can catch up with doggy friends she made, we don’t need to but want to for what she gets out of it. THANK YOU 🙂

Michelle Spencer

Christopher Hall

Testimonial: weve been with pets 2 impress now for aproximatly 3 years and have always been so impressed with the way our boxer dog (cassius) has been looked after. Recently my wife has been diagnosed with a very serious illness that will require major surgery in january. As a result we needed to book a lot of extra walks in with me working full time. The love and support that Lisa, Neil, Tim, Shannon and Terry, has shown us has really helped us through a tough time. We will be forever grateful and wouldnt hesitate to recomend pets 2 impress to anyone. There simply the best!

Christopher Hall