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The Sandancer Super Dog Club

You can now interact with Tim Jackson as he brings his toon training online with his brand new, very unique dog training club. Here you will be able to join our forum to chat with other dog owners, ask Tim any questions and get quick replies throughout the month as well as find lots of information about all things dog related.

Join the pack!

By joining you will get access to a vault of training videos with an easy to find search button so you can get the answers you need straight away, newsletters, Q & A sessions, as well as discounts on all 1-1 training courses and online courses. Each month we will be running different challenges with video support to encourage you to really get the very best out of your dog and every quarter you will receive a bumper pack direct in the post filled with tips and some of Tim’s top secrets on how you can have the perfect pooch.

Join now!

Member benefits

  • By joining the Sandancer Super Dog club your dog can be everything you want and more!
  • Turn your dog into a smashing little Sandancer (or honorary Sanddancer) with 24/7 access.
  • By joining the club you are starting a new, fun and exciting chapter with your dog and building on that everlasting bond.
  • Those in the club have far less stress and much more fun with their dog.
  • Who is the club for? Anyone that wants to give their dog the very best.