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    Hi everyone my name is Jill I am a teacher and I have a wonderful beagle called Alfie. Alfie is now 9 years old, but he in our eyes is still a puppy as he will still do things, I believe he knows, he is not meant to do when he feels he is not getting the attention he thinks he should get. And he still loves to pinch the sock and run! Mind with Tim’s help we have learned to much so now a pinched sock he is told to drop, away, sit, stay i then get the sock and he is praised!

    We worked with Tim during lockdown, we did all the challenges that Tim set us and then we did dancing with dogs too! We loved it all! Tim helped me then to get the best out of Alfie and have a better relationship with him, however we have just done the ‘recall course’ which we loved too! And Alfie is getting so much better at taking notice of me when we are out on our walks, plus we love all the games Tim has given us!

    We are working on Alfie watching me rather than barking at other dogs. We are also working on Alfie going to his bed and getting a treat when visitors come to our home. We are also working on leaving our home calmly when going on our walk and Alfie coming closer to me when we are going around corners so I have his attention incase another dog is there.

    Thanks to Tim, Alfie can do so many tricks which is loves to do! And obviously gets lots of treats for doing them. Alfie also loves any game that involves him using his nose.

    We love Alfie so much and can’t wait to see what else we are going to learn to do to help him.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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