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Home Forums Sandancer Super Dog Club Live Q and A Session – 16/01/23 Reply To: Live Q and A Session – 16/01/23

Nicola Mackins

Hi Tim,

That was a very informative question session, sorry I missed it, I was convinced it was a 6.30 start until I went to log in and saw it said 6!

Just a quick question, I was wondering how to build Murph’s confidence in people as it doesn’t seem like I am getting anywhere, he is still extremely wary. He will still him at times, walk behind my legs or if he is feeling brave he will edge to sniff but if the person makes any sort of movement especially sudden he will jump at them or nip at shoes. I always warn people that he is nervous and can be a bit nippy.

I think as I am unsure of his reactions especially if the make a sudden movement I try to keep him back which is obviously not helping.

Just wondered if there was anything I can do to try and make home more relaxed and more confident?