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Thank you so much for all the advice and tips we definitely have a better behaved pooch but still some training to be continued.

To think just over a month ago Dave and I were tearing our hair out with a pup who ruled the roost and life was not enjoyable for any of us including Lara.

You have changed our lives and since being introduced to you, at a web seminar by Katie (dogwood), the combination of training with yourself and scentventure with dogwood we have a relaxed puppy who is so happy and we are all enjoying being a family!

I honestly can’t thank you enough and I have already spread the word of Pets2impress to a couple of friends who are thinking of getting a dog.

We will continue our training and advice and keep you updated! Thank you again for all of us, we are finally a family!

Take care,
Charlotte Dave and Lara.