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Although we all know this is not what we signed up for but with local restrictions due to lock downs we all had to make the best out of a bad situation and Pets2impress did not let us down! I have personally found the Zoom calls so much more useful and have gotten so much more out of the way it has been delivered than I believe I would have gotten in a face to face setting. Having the recordings to refer back to have been invaluable in the sense the whole family can get involved and rewatch the lessons to really take in what is being said. I have also been able to go back over the lessons and mark my puppys progress against the instructions provided by Lauren.

Laurens commitment to each of her clients progress is second to none, her knowledge of multiple techniques is invaluable and promotes each dog is different and 1 style does not necessarily fit all. I am fortunate in the sense I have a highly intelligent pup who has a specific service job we are training her towards and being able to receive feedback on the progress she is making in a low/medium distraction setting and what we can tweak for her to get what she needs from us is tribute to Laurens ability to read the animal and look at the next steps. Under Laurens instruction I have been able to progress our puppy far beyond our expectations at this stage of puppy school and really get her to focus and switch on when in training time.

If I could make any recommendations in the future for your business is that you maintain this delivery of the puppy school to some degree, whether it be 50% zoom, 50% in person for the socialization aspect of the puppies or more via zoom etc, from personal experience I feel your clients would get so much more out of your services.