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Hi Tim,

I’m just dropping you a line to say THANK YOU!!!! I spoke to you a couple of months ago because my dog Ferris had developed a noise phobia which was beginning to generalise to all kinds of areas of normal life. Since our chat I have ditched his food bowl (although my husband sometimes cheats…) and he has a selection of toys, snuffle mats, kongs (and the odd cardboard box filled with empty recyclables) which he gets his dinner in. Our walks are much the same but are peppered with mini training sessions along the way, and we have dedicated play times during the day too. He’s now totally happy to stay in the kitchen when I’m cooking – the sizzles and pops no longer stress him out at all. He’s happy to go past and even wait outside everywhere in the village he used to avoid, and we’re working on more desensitisation to the fly zappers sound which is his main trigger although I think this is going to be slow progress I do now think it can be overcome.

In short, I’m amazed by how much difference this has made. I never thought of Ferris as being particularly stressed, but refocusing him on positives has just changed his approach to life.

I’ll be in touch in the future if we have any hiccups along the way and will be pointing people in your direction too.

Thanks again!

Clare (& Ferris)