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I have 2 lovely Jack chi fur babies (1 healthy female aged 4 and 1 male aged 9 with a few serious health conditions).

In 2016 I spent a lot of time researching kennels as I was going on holiday and family were unable to help that week. It was extremely expensive but I was ok with that as expected cost would equate to quality.

Upon my return both Monroe and Marilyn had lost weight, both would shake every time I would get their harnesses ready for their walk (they love their walks). It took some time before they returned to normal. Both of them were previously friendly and confident with other dogs when out but after their stay they were scared and would often want to be picked up.

I decided to leave them only with family and friends after that experience.

Unfortunately our family had a bereavement and we all needed to go to Southampton. I was terrified about how to manage the trip for my dogs, even going so far as to see if I could find a pet friendly hotel down there.

Searching online led me to Pets2Impress, I loved the option of being able to let them stay at home but also have them looked after.

I was nervous, sceptical even but was encouraged when Tim said he’d like to visit first, discuss what might be needed and meet them with no obligation. No other company I’d looked at offered this.

Tim is knowledgeable and it’s immediately apparent he loves animals and they love him. He understood my worry and I felt reassured they would be safe and well cared for. I didn’t anticipate the extra mile they go. My dogs were given love and attention, cuddles and reassurance. They were happy and content when I returned.

I’ve used them numerous times, they both greet him with such enthusiasm and excitement. Nothing is too much and they provide a very individual and tailored care package.

If they are unavailable to look after my fur babies I rearrange plans for when they can.

You will not find anyone better equipped or better quality.