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We don’t use Pets2impress out of necessity –we do so out of choice. The decision to get a puppy was made long before there was any mention of a virus never mind the ensuing pandemic. We collected her end of Jan 2019 & after all vaccinations she joined Small & fluffy sessions Stay & Play at Pets2Impress (literally puppy playgroup). She absolutely loved the interaction but unfortunately after a few weeks we went in lockdown.
After the lockdown ended, we joined a socially distanced puppy training class, mainly, again to allow her to have a little puppy interaction and the training was very good indeed. Trainer was fully experienced and made the sessions interactive and fun and the development of the puppies was a pleasure to witness. We reattended Stay & play sessions immediately when they were allowed to start again. We also completed the 1-2-1 training Agility package, where it became apparent our girl was a natural and began attending the weekly agility sessions too. These provide excellent stimulation and builds upon the bonds already in place, plus she comes home tired and content.
Not only do the dogs enjoy the sessions but the owners do too, it’s a chance to meet up on regular basis and I have made a lot of friends through doggy playgroup, especially as I wasn’t going too far after the lockdown, the sessions became my social outings and I looked forward to attending.
When a second lockdown looked likely I decided to try the day-care facility so at least she would continue to see her ‘friends’. My expectations were exceeded by far! There is a structure to the day I didn’t expect, and I decided immediately to join the membership scheme as a Gold member and utilise the benefits offered. Now as day-care member she goes on school trips, super adventures, has her own time in the scent space, has term-time school photos and receives school reports! They have events for the dogs, (Christmas parties, visits from Santa, Halloween parties, Valentines doggy weddings to name a few). Our dog truly has a better social life than we do!
The biggest plus for me is the staff – they are very welcoming, friendly and wonderful with the dogs. All the dogs vie for their attention and lots of cuddles are given.
I cannot recommend the services of Pets2impress highly enough, yes, they are supervised and safe whilst there as all day-care facilities offer but the physical health and mental stimulation, they ensure each dog receives is second to none. If like me, you don’t like the idea of day-care please let your dog have a try, they’ll not only love it, which is the aim, but it means a night off for you as they come back so content, they will sleep for the rest of the evening, unless there’s snacks on the go!