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We are the lucky owners of two beautiful golden retrievers, but they need a lot of stimulus and are very high energy. Both Dixie and Freddie absolutely love their adventure days, as can be witnessed in the fabulous photos that get shared on every adventure. As for the scent space, they absolutely love using their noses and sniffing out the treats that are in there. Dixie especially likes the scent space because she is a typical greedy golden retriever, but even Freddie who is not so greedy loves it because he just loves to be nosy and find things. All in all, my dogs come back to me exhausted and most important of all, very, very happy after a day at day care. If you are thinking about daycare for your dog I would look no further than Pets2Impress and if you want something extra to bring a smile to their face then the adventures and the scent room are absolutely brilliant. Thanks Tim, you’ve been looking after our various dogs for nearly 10 years now and I wouldn’t trust anybody else with them.