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To help ensure the health and safety of your dog and those already on our care, please provide detailed information about your dog’s health, temperament and behaviour.

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Dog Details

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How does your dog behave around the following

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Meeting and greeting

Does your dog display aggression to visitors to your home?
Has your dog ever bitten or attacked anyone?
Does your dog pull on the lead?
If yes do you give us consent to let your dog off the lead when in our care?
Has your dog ever been in a dog fight?


Does your dog have any pre-exisiting health conditions
Has your dog been ill in the last 30 days
Has your dog ever had a seizure
Does your dog have any allergies
Does your dog have hip dysplasia
Does your dog enjoy being brushed
Does your dog have any sensitive parts around their body
Is your dog on any medication
Will your dog need feeding whilst at daycare
Is your dog allowed treats whilst at daycare

Is there aggression in the following circumstances? This can include growling, snarling, lunging, nipping, snapping or biting.

Petting or hugging
Disturbed when resting
Petting or hugging
Walking on the lead
Taking food away
Taking other objects
Has your dog ever attacked or bitten another person?
Has your dog ever climbed or jumped over a fence?


Password Security

From time to time, you may require a third party to collect your dog from our Daycare. If you think that may be the case, please write a password here. You can tell this password to the person collecting your dog, safe in the knowledge that he/she isn’t being given to a stranger.

I fully understand the importance of the information I have just given. I have given this freely and to the best of my knowledge, the information is correct. I have fully read and understood the terms and conditions of the Doggy day care service and understand that Pets2impress have the right to refuse this service. I give consent to Pets2impress to hold my information on file and I give consent for Pets2impress to contact me via post, email or telephone.(Required)
Terms and Conditions
  • We will treat each order for pet sitting services as described on our website ( as an offer by you to purchase the services in accordance with these terms and conditions. 
  • No booking submitted by you is accepted by us until we confirm its acceptance.
  • Our employees and representatives are not authorised to make any representative concerning the services. You are advised to ask for written confirmation of any representations particularly if they appear to give you additional benefits to those advertised. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse to accept any booking at our absolute discretion. 
No booking will be accepted until you have:-Completed, signed and returned to us the doggy day care application form which accompanies these terms and conditions.
  • All descriptions of the services issued by us are intended to present a general idea of the services. If you require any further details, please contact us providing details of the additional information needed
  • The price of the services is the price set out in our price list
  • If the services are unavailable or we need to vary the price to take account of any increase in our costs, we shall notify you and allow you an opportunity to cancel. 
  • By signing these terms and conditions, you confirm that your pet:-
    • Is in good health and has not been ill with any communicable condition within the last 30 days prior to the dates of these terms and conditions.
    • Has not harmed or shown any aggressive or threatening behaviour towards any person or any other dog
    • Has been fully vaccinated 
  • You agree that you will inform us of any change in your pet’s health before the duration of your booking
  • You agree that the details you have provided us in the questionnaire are true and accurate and will inform us of any change in the information provided in case of repeat booking.
  • I understand that Pets2impress is a place where dog’s co-mingle and I am responsible for the medical treatment of any injuries or illness. If your pet requires medical treatment while in our care, we will try to contact you to discuss its needs. You agree that if we are unable to contact you, unless you specifically request otherwise, we will arrange treatment as we deem in our absolute discretion to be appropriate, including veterinary treatment and euthanasia (if deemed necessary for the animal’s welfare). You agree that any costs and expenses incurred as a result of veterinary treatment will be payable by you.   
The veterinary practise we will use is Blythman and Partners, 31 Boldon Lane, South Shields, NE34 0ER.
  • If your pet shows any signs of aggression towards their carer this may result in them being isolated until your return. If an incident like this occurs your dog will no longer be welcome into our day care.
  • I understand that I am solely responsible for any and all harm caused by my dog while my dog is attending Pets2impress doggy day care, or is using any services provided by Pets2impress. 
  • I agree to notify Pets2impress of any unwelcome, aggressive, procreative, or dangerous behaviour of my dog that has potential to cause harm to any other pet or individual. 
  • I understand that during normal dog play, owners dog may sustain injuries. All dog play is carefully monitored at Pets2impress to avoid injury, but scratches, punctures, torn ligaments, or other injuries that may occur despite the best supervision. I realise that pads on paws may initially become sensitive, or bothered until my dog becomes used to running on different surfaces. 
  • I understand that if I fail to provide proof of vaccinations or if my dog’s vaccinations are found to be expired or otherwise incomplete, Pets2impress has the right to refuse service until current proof is provided. 
  • I understand and agree that any behavioural or health problems that develop with my dog will be treated as deemed best by the staff at Pets2impress, in their sole discretion, and that I will assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses involved. I authorise Pets2impress to obtain medical records and/or treatments for my dog in the event of injury or illness from my vet or from the closest veterinary clinic. By signing this document I further direct said vet to provide such records upon request.
  • I understand that even if my dog is vaccinated for bordatella (kennel cough) there is a chance thay my dog can still contract Kennel cough. I agree that I will not hold Pets2impress responsible if my dog contracts Kennel cough whilst attending Pets2impress. 
  • I agree to notify Pets2impress of any infectious and/or contagious disease or conditions my dog has been exposed to or is affected by. Such diseases and conditions include, but are not limited to distemper, hepatitis, kennel cough, parvovirus, corona virus, worms, lyme disease, fleas, pregnancy, infectious skin diseases and intestinal parasites.
  • I agree to take any necessary precautions to ensure that my dog is continuously free of contagious, infectious or otherwise communicable diseases. I will report to Pets2impress, before arriving at day care, any contagious, infectious or otherwise communicable diseases, and will not be allowed to bring my dog to Pets2impress, regardless of scheduled days, until the condition is resolved. Resolution is determined by Pets2impress.
  • I allow and consent my dog to being photographed, videotaped, and/or used in any media or advertising by Pets2impress without prior approval by me. All such photographs are the property of Pets2impress ltd.
  • I allow and give consent for my dog to be crated for nap times to ensure that he/she does not get over-tired and to prevent unwanted escalation of anti-social behaviours.
  • I allow and give consent for my dog to be walked by Pets2impress whilst in their care. If a dog is unable to be walked due to medical reasons, we would need a written letter from the veterinary surgeon.  
  • I agree to pay all fees set forth by Pets2impress as displayed on our website,
  • I understand that Pets2impress is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged toys, leads, collars, beds, tags, clothing or any other item left with my dog. 
  • I agree to ensure my dog has eaten at least 2 hours before arrival at Pets2impress so he/she has time to digest his/her food before all the excitement. I understand that failure to do so may result in bloat, which is very dangerous. 
  • I understand and agree that each of the foregoing provisions are severable and shall be in force and effect on each and every occasion my dog attends Pets2impress. This statement shall remain in full force and effect between the parties unless otherwise amended or revoked, cancelled or suspended in writing signed by both parties. 
  • All dogs attending Daycare must wear a collar and tag and must be microchipped.