Dog Training

1-1 Behaviour Training

From anxiety to aggression, our Veterinary Nurse and Behaviorist Tim Jackson will help you tackle any behaviour problem with your dog using up to date and positive methods of training. Click here for more information.

 1-1 Basic Obedience Training

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Here at Pets2impress, we don’t believe that.Basic obedience training doesn’t have to be saved for just puppies. Older dogs can benefit from this as well. From sit and stay, to lead training and recall, your dog is never too old to learn something new. Click here for more information.

 Puppy Class

Here at Pets2impress, our Puppy Training classes are a one stop shop for everything you need to give your new best friend a great start in life. Let us guide you through the pitfalls of basic puppy training, and give you the tools and knowledge to have a great life with your pup. Click here for more information.

 Dog Training Classes

Has your dog hit that tricky teenager stage, or is he/she and older dog who needs to brush up on their basic skills? Never fear, we at Pets2impress understand that it’s not just little pups who need a bit of training. Our Dog School is a 4 week course that will cover all of those basic training skills that every dog needs to stay safe and obedient. Click here for more information.